The Great Disjunction is the name given to the cataclysmic sundering of the Sciabnen mountain range that occurred 150 years ago. Essentially, a series of major earthquakes split the mountain range in two, along its entire length. In the centre of the schism is a deep, intraversable crevasse. The Disjunction had a vastly negative impact on the world, Cliseverely disrupting old weather systems, interrupting established trade routes, destroying cities and forcing mass evacuations. Not only that, but in the years following the initial Disjunction the face of the world changed drastically and life for everyone altered substantially at an environmental, political and even social level.

Forewarning Edit

The Great Disjunction had very little forewarning and only the dwarves who lived in the Sciabnen mountains themselves noticed anything odd. Luckily, the dwarves' natural communion with the mountain range gave them just enough warning to mount an extremely rushed evacuation to nearby Senohan and Halodistan. Despite the evacuation. the Disjunction still left more Sciabnen dwarves dead than alive.

Every other main settlement had no hint at all of the calamity that was about to strike.

Cause Edit

It is clear that the Disjunction was not a normal seismological event, but the specific causes and mechanisms of it are unknown. Investigations underway by various guilds in Senohan have indicated that the Disjunction was magical in nature, but the source of the magic is unknown. The potency of the magic required to enact such an event is also under question, with many, commoners and scholars alike, suggesting divine influence.

Effects Edit

The effects of the Disjunction were numerous and, mostly, incredibly detrimental to the status quo of the world. The majority of these effects can be attributed to the changes in the physical landscape and climate caused by the Disjunction and the population of now-vacant lands by monsters.

Climate Edit

Splitting one of the largest mountain ranges in the world in two had far-reaching and dramatic climatic consequences. Because of the kilometres-wide chasm that now exists between each side of the once-connected peaks, precipitation from the eastern sea that would normally consolidate on the peak and then fill Halodistan's rivers with meltwater have since run dry. Halodistan has become a desert region as a result.

Many other nations have suffered a decrease in arable lands as a result of changing climatic conditions and water availability and have considerably shrunk in terms of influence.

Monsters Edit

Evacuations Edit

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